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Gallary of Our Projects

Pebbletec french gray pebble sheen

Dent Family

July 2023

This pool and spa features Pebble Tec French Gray PebbleSheen plaster with black glass tile on the front of the spa and around the waterline of the pool.  For the coping tile and pool decking we used sandblasterd gray travertine tile. The back of the spa and the back of the raised wall is finished in a black marble ledgestone. Additional features include a combination fire and water bowls, a tanning ledge (9" water depth) and a baja shelf (18" water depth).

Rhoads Family

July 2023

The Rhoads had a severe decline from the back porch to the rear of the property. We agreed on having the back wall of the pool exposed and coated with a spray deck.  This pool is finished in Pebble Tec Tahoe Blue. The oversized tanning ledge (9" water depth) is a great place to entertain. We also added a loveseat/bench to the deep end of the pool.  This is a great spot for teenage children to get away from the adults in the pool.

tahoe blue pebble tec pebble sheen
plunge pool pebble tec waterfall spa

Ray Family

May 2023

Plunge Pool. The Ray family wanted a pool for entertainment and didn't want to take up their whole yard.  We ended up designing this pool and spa that is 24 feet long and 13 feet wide.  The waterline tile is a blue glass from National Pool Tile.  We added a raised wall at the end of the pool for added privacy and added a 48" wide waterfall.  One thing unique about this project is there is no concrete decking.

Water bowls pebbletec Blue Wave

Cox Family

This project has a full glass tile tanning ledge (looks amazing at night!), glass tile on the columns holding Hayward's glass water bowls (lighted), and a raised wall with two additional waterfalls.  The spa has a rolled edge/neck for added comfort.  The plaster is Pebble Tec Blue Wave.  This pool looks absolutely amazing at night.

McCormack Family

This pool features an 8 foot deep end with a cave/grotto, slide, and a removable basketball goal for hours of fun. We have a 2" square glass tile around the pool and on the floor of the tanning ledge.  The spa is 8 foot square with four 12" covered stainless steel scuppers.  The pool is plastered with Pebble Tec Tahoe Blue Original Pebble Tec.

PebbleTec Tahoe Blue with slide and cave, grotto
tile boarder tanning ledge pebble tec pebble sheen

Mobley Family

This pool and spa are finished in Pebble Tec Blue Surf PebbleSheen plaster.  The project turned out great with the dark blue 6" tile waterline tile and the 1" ceramic tile on the rolled edge/neck and spillway in the spa.

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