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Construction Process

Building a concrete swimming pool involves several steps and requires careful planning, proper construction techniques, and adherence to local building codes. Here is a general overview of the process:

Pool design

Step 1: Design and Permits

  • Determine the size, shape, and depth of the pool based on your preferences and available space.

Skid steer digging pool

Step 2: Excavation and Form Work

  • The area where the pool will be located is excavated using machinery.

  • The excavation process involves removing the topsoil and digging a hole of appropriate dimensions to accommodate the pool structure.

  • Formwork is constructed to outline the shape of the pool using wooden boards to create the forms.

pool spa rebar

Step 3: Steel Reinforcing and Plumbing

  • Steel reinforcement, rebar, is installed within the formwork to provide structural strength to the concrete.

  • Plumbing is installed before pouring the concrete.

  • This includes placing the necessary pipes for water circulation, filtration, and drainage systems.

shooting shotcrete gunite

Step 4: Gunite Application

  • Gunite, a mixture of cement, sand, and water, is pneumatically applied to the formwork and reinforcement.

  • Skilled workers use specialized equipment to spray the mixture onto the surfaces, creating a solid concrete shell.

  • They ensure proper thickness and even distribution of the shotcrete to form a structurally sound pool shell.

pool plumbing pvc

Step 5: Pump and Filter Installation

  • The pool's filtration system, including the pump, filter, and other necessary equipment, is installed.

  • Plumbing connections are made to ensure proper water circulation and filtration.

  • Any additional features like heating systems or waterfalls are also installed during this stage.

pool tile and coping

Step 6: Tile Work

  • Once the concrete is sufficiently cured, the pool's interior is finished with tiles around the top of the pool shell.

  • Coping, which is the edging around the pool, is installed, and any additional features like steps or a diving board are added.

concrete decking steps

Step 7: Decking and Landscaping

  • The area around the pool is prepared and constructed with the desired decking material, such as concrete or tile pavers.

  • Landscaping elements, such as plants, lighting, and seating, can be added to enhance the pool area's aesthetics.

plaster pebble tec pebble sheen

Step 8: Plaster

  • Swimming pool plaster is a material used to coat the interior surface of a swimming pool. Its primary purpose is to provide a smooth, waterproof, and durable finish that enhances the pool's appearance and ensures longevity.

  • All of our pools are plastered using top-quality PebbleTec pool finishes.

filling pool with water

Step 9: Water Filling and Testing

  • The pool is filled with water, and the water chemistry is carefully balanced.

  • The pool's systems, such as filtration, and circulation, are thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality.

  • Any necessary adjustments are made to achieve optimal performance.

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